Prepared fruit

Our specialist prepared fruit business Fruitanize produces washed and sliced fruit that is ready to eat.

Our prepared fruit retains all of its nutrition, taste and appeal and is as fresh as possible from its fruit farm. All fruit is sourced directly from our own fruit farms or growers around the world that have been certified to minimum Global Gap. The packing process is also very simple and is largely completed by hand, which enables it to be flexible and produce the highest quality product. All packaging and fruit used at Fruitanize is fully traceable to source.

Fruitanize does not use artificial preservatives on fruit. For example it only uses a natural, citric acid-based solution on apples to stop them browning.

Our purpose built BRC AA graded facility at our head office site in the UK means our ability to flex to suit your needs is endless. Want to know more? Head over to our Fruitanize site here.