What we grow and supply

  • Citrus
  • Topfruit
  • Blueberries

Why work with us:

  • We have a team in land which is proactive and eager to help local growers achieve their goals of exporting and producing even better fruit for our customers.
  • Our Team is based in Buenos Aires where most fruit growers have theirs main offices which gives us more direct control over the fruit and grower.
  • Buenos Aires being the main port on of loading allows us to inspect help with the QC at loading.
  • Argentina is so large, that the land and weather is very diversified allowing us to grow many different varieties of fruit.
  • We are constantly in search of excellence with our growers, working hand in hand with them. We find it an opportunity and challenge to add to the country’s high reputation in quality for fruit like citrus and top fruit, and we aim to start growing some new varieties in the near future.
  • Argentina is going through a transformation phase of its economy after many years of hard times and Jupiter arrived at the right time to contribute beneficially.